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The current phase of the project (MYXOTROPIC V) began in 2015 and will last until 2018. The focus is the study of the myxomycetes of the Andean altiplano and inter-Andean dry valleys located at the headwaters of the rivers Apurimac, Mantaro and Marañón (Peru). Given the extreme weather conditions in this area of the Tropical Andes, the vegetation is dominated by montane grasslands (known as «pajonales»), cushion plants and scrublands, while dry valleys are characterized by the presence of cactaceous species and other succulent plants such as bromeliads of the genus Puya, and deciduous bushes. The Myxotropic V main objective is to conduct the first study of the myxobiota in these ecoregions, which are considered to be a biodiversity hotspot, and to generate additional data on the diversity and richness of these organisms in the Neotropics.