The second phase (MYXOTROPIC  II, 2006-2008), was to study the Monte (Argentina) and Atacama (Chile) deserts lying at the same latitude as the deserts in Mexico, but in the southern hemisphere. During this phase, a first inventory of these organisms from the Monte Desert was made, numerous species were added to the catalogue of Myxomycetes from the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth, and several undescribed species were found and described from the area. An updated catalogue of all the myxomycete published records since 1828 from the whole Neotropical region was compiled and analysed, and a web page of nomenclature of the Mycetozoa (Myxomycetes, Protostelids and Dictyostelids) was created ( In addition, as a result of two doctoral theses, other complementary studies of the latter two groups were made (see publications).