February 23, 2022: A new species of testate amoebae, a group or free-living protists that build characteristic shells, has been recently described in a study led by Professor Edward A. D. Mitchell, former mentor of Dr. Enrique Lara. You can have a look on the paper, published in the journal Acta Protozoologica, in this link. 

The authors have chosen to name it as Certesella larai to honour Dr. Lara, our Co-PI of the Myxotropic project, who has greatly contributed to the advance of protistological knowledge, in particular, to molecular taxonomy and phylogeny of testate amoebae.

We are very happy to share this recognition, for major contributions, and positive influence on young protistologists, and we are sure that this is only the first of many species named after this excellent Scientist.

Congratulations Dr. Lara!!! 

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