DSC_0007June 13, 2014:  The MYXOTROPIC research team has just returned from an expedition to Peru to collect and analyze samples on the western face of the Tropical Andes, in the Cordillera Blanca. Finding Myxomycetes on the upper slopes of Mount Huascarán, the highest mountain of the Tropical Andes, with its peak of 6,768 meters, is yet another result of this research project, involving an International group of scientists and led by Carlos Lado of the Real Jardin Botanico, CSIC. The existence of Myxomycetes at 5,000 meters, where only a few adapted endemic plants grow in cryoturbed soils, is a totally new discovery. In addition to this part of the Andes, the team also sampled in the Peruvian coastal desert from Chiclayo to Tumbes near the border with Ecuador. The research took them over 3,700 kilometers. more: http://www.rjb.csic.es

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