March 11, 2024: A new paper on the genus Licea by members of the Myxotropic team has been recently published in Phytotaxa.

Licea is one of the most taxonomically complex genera of bright-spored Myxomycetes. Indeed, it is considered a catchall genus, with a particularly wide morphological variability, formed by species not fitting anywhere else.

To shed light on its taxonomy, the authors have carried out a taxonomic review of the members of the subgenus Licea, which included the study of type materials, the obtention of SEM images, the standardization of the descriptions of the species and an update of taxonomic information on distinctive stable morphological characters. Moreover, a new species, Licea ampulliformis, has been described, the nomenclature has been revised, and a dichotomous key has been generated to facilitate the identification of species.

It’s fresh from the oven, so don’t lose the opportunity to read it now!

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