The Myxomycetes at the ISOP Congress

July 8, 2019: The Myxomycetes, traditionally studied by mycologists, are amoebae, and are now in the interest focus of protistologists. The latest results from project MYXOTROPIC will be shared at the eighth European Congress of Protistology (VIII ECOP-ISOP Joint Meeting) in Rome, from July 28th to August 2nd. Enrique Lara, a new member of the team, will [...]

Sampling in the Peruvian Andes

June 18, 2018: Several members of the research group (Carlos Lado, Arturo Estrada, Iván García-Cunchillos and Italo Treviño) have sampled the Andes of Peru, especially the headwaters of the river Marañón, searching for Myxomycetes. We are sure that among the many samples collected after two intense sampling weeks, new and surprising species are awaiting discovery.   [...]

Another addition to the team

April 15, 2018: Our research group is growing with the arrival of a new member. We want to introduce you to Italo Treviño Zevallos who has just joined the Real Jardín Botánico (CSIC) as a predoctoral student after being awarded a “Presidente de la República” grant by the Government of Peru. For the next 3 years he [...]

We have discovered a new species

March 19, 2018: The description of a new species of Didymium (Physarales) from Peru, based on a combination of morphological and molecular data, enlarges the list of species of this genus recorded from the tropical region. You can click on this link to have a look at our recently published article. News [...]

More conferences are coming up!

June 7, 2017: ICSEM9 (9th International Congress on the Systematics and Ecology of Myxomycetes) will take place in Tanabe (Japan) next August while the IX Latin American Congress of Mycology will be held in Lima (Peru) at the end of the same month. Members of our group will attend both conferences and will discuss the progress [...]

Expedition to collect neotropical species of Myxomycetes

May 2, 2017: The second field trip in Peru of the current phase of the Myxotropic project has just finished. On this occasion Dr. Lado, Dr. Estrada-Torres, Dr. Cano and the students Iván García-Cunchillos and Italo Treviño, have been collecting samples of Myxomycetes for three productive weeks. The sampling trip covered the Andean plateau of the [...]

15th International Congress of Protistology (ICOP 2017)

April 20, 2017:  This 15th ICOP will be held, in conjunction with the 2017 Annual Meeting of the International Society of Protistologists (ISOP) between 30th July and 4th August. To commemorate the 60 years of the first congress of the ICOP series, which took place in the Czech Republic, the conference will take place in [...]

Dr. Enrique Lara visited Myxotropic lab

March 16, 2017: We were pleased to welcome Dr. Enrique Lara from the Laboratory of Soil Biodiversity (University of Neuchatel) to our Laboratory. Dr. Lara is a specialist on testate amoebae with a particular interest in their ecology, diversity, biogeography and evolution. By using classical approaches, molecular phylogenetics/-omics and environmental DNA surveys in different environments (terrestrial, freshwater and [...]

Carlos Rojas on a visit to our lab

September 16, 2016: We are pleased to welcome Dr. Carlos Rojas, from the Engineering Research Institute at the University of Costa Rica. His research interests are focused on microbial dynamics in the context of ecosystem functioning and tropical Myxomycetes. He is a member of the team of the project MYXOTROPIC and will be working in our [...]

Interesting course coming up! “Introduction to the Next Generation Sequencing Techniques»

July 5, 2016: Iván García, a PhD student working in our lab, will atttend a course within the Programme “Universidad de Verano” (University Rey Juan Carlos). The course will cover theoretical and practice aspects of next generation sequencing techniques, with aplications for ecology and evolution. It will be held in Madrid (Spain), in July. We plan on [...]